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Oops - sorry for the typos - was so mad when typing this. The incident with Don Shay just happened. I know how to spell \"trustworthy.\" : / He is now threatening me that there would be \"consequences\" to my statement that I would contact the BBB.

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I found Don Shay's website online : I contacted regarding a Tiffany style lamp that I wanted to sell. It was stamped Morgan and I read about them on Don's site - they weere made in the early 20th century. Don offered me $150 for the lamp, giving me his Fedex number to send it to him. Upon receipt, he emailed me "Gosh, Lori - it's a dime store lamp - new."

He is a liar and thief. The lamp was purchase for me over 15 years ago at a reputable antique store in Somerville, NJ. I was only selling it because I am changing the style of my home decor.

DO NOT DO BUSINESS WITH DON SHAY OR He is not trustwirthy. He knew there was nothing I could do from another state. I figured since he had an actual business and was';t a random person on craigslist, I'd be okay. What a despicable person.

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Ouch, strong words.

If the base was simply signed Morgan, it was made by a Bob Morgan from Brielle New Jersey, now deceased, he made bases, caps and other lamp parts, also he was a stained glass artist and shop owner.

He was working in the 1980s.

He made several reproductions of bases by Chicago Mo and Unique.

So far, to my knowledge at least, there has been no John Morgan & Sons lamp or lamp base surface with a signature, although they did sign some of their windows.

Hope this helps.

San Diego, California, United States #969458

He bought a hammered copper bowl from me on Ebay then relisted it with a fake Dirk Van Erp mark shortly afterward. Beware.

The man is obviously not reputable.

Chicago, Illinois, United States #922535

Only dealing in the truth which sometimes is hurtful. Real sorry but told the seller what the lamp base was.

Seller flashed out which hurt me.

Truth&honisty never are out of style. I would do the same again & not buckle under any sort of pressure.


He's a crook!!! Don't buy from him!

Fond Du Lac, Wisconsin, United States #709278

I would just like to say that I recently purchased an absolutely beautiful Handel lamp from Don Shay and the entire experience was the best ever! The transaction was seamless and Don was very willing to work with me. So for the people that posted negative comments about him, I can honestly say I don't believe a word of it.



I just wanted to note my experience with Don Shay. I bought a shade support, heat cap and finial for a reverse painted shade and old lamp advertised on his website.

Don was unfailingly professional and pleasant in replying to my questions. The financial transaction was smooth and efficient.

When I received the items (in good time), they were exactly as described and I am very pleased with the entire interaction with Don. I will not hesitate to do business with Don again.


He returned the lamp at his expense only after I threatened to report him to the Better Business Bureau. I sent Mr.

Shay a photo of the lamp and he asked me to send it to him - he would pay me upon receipt, stating it was worth around $150. After receiving the lamp, he contacted me to say it was "worthless" and I could either pay for return shipping or he would "donate" it. I was furious, because I sent him the photos and he was supposedly the expert. I did a lot of threatening in order for him to finally return the lamp at his expense.

I didn;t feel he was respectful of me at all. If he indeed does thousands of problem free transactions, offering to send me back my lamp at his expense because HE made the mistake, should have beeen his first inclination.


Greetings,Real sorry for the anger.I tried to treat this lady with honest respect.It is the accurate honesty that hurt.lamp was exactly as I said.I was to the point,pleasant and even returned the lamp at my total expense.All I can say or do now is to apologize and regret this happened.After thousands of good transactions,maybe this will happen with volume.Don Shay

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